Eli Baraty is one of Europe’s top table tennis coaches and believes in providing each player with the best pathway for success. Eli has a passion for sharing knowledge and finding ways to make you a better table tennis player.


You can work with Eli Baraty and his team to develop your table tennis game regardless of age, level or ability.


Your future in the sport is important to Eli which is why we have developed a holistic table tennis coaching methods for you.


The aim is to provide you with a bespoke and unique system tailor-made just for you. You are given access to inside knowledge and powerful systems used by the very best.


Together we can use the past to learn from and focus on today, to build your future.
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The eBaTT Formula

Be The Very Best You Can Be

Your Game

Table Tennis Coaching


Table Tennis Serve

Return of Serve



Speed, Spin & Power

Self Development

Take Control


Physical Condition

Mind Set

TT Consultation

Private Coaching Session

Group & Club Coaching

Table Tennis Equipment

eBaTT Tools

Spin To Win

Spring Footwork

Eye Training

Decision Making Cards

eBaTT Low Serve Bar

eBaTT Books

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 Weekly Table Tennis Tutorials and Challenges

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