Event details
Date: May 25, 2018
Location: Birmingham Nishkam High School
Address: 3-7 Soho Road Birmingham
Phone: 07500601219
Website: www.coachmetabletennis.com
Event: www.edlynntt.co.uk

eBaTT Table Tennis Training Days in Birmingham


4 Times a year I visit Edward Lynn at his table tennis centre based in Nishkam high school.

We always provide a unique theme of training methods to elevate your game. The camps include a mix of players from all over the country and we specially select a group of coaches and sparring partners to aid and provide their expertise.

Next Training Day

25th May with Eli Baraty, Edward Lynn and Guy Ben-Aroya, Nicholas Li, Stevie Brunskill, Afonso Vilela plus sparring partners.


BTTA 25th May Birmingham table tennis camp

Birmingham table tennis training and coaching day

Event location