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eBaTT – Table Tennis Nutrition

Eleni is a former nationally ranked table tennis player that has taken health as her priority and today she is a professional health and nutrition lifestyle coach. Eleni graduated at the Kings Cross CNM

Nourish yourself to the top…

Being a top athlete within your sport doesn’t solely depend on how hard you train, although it helps! The most important thing to remember is that you as an athlete are responsible for how efficiently you fuel your body. Just like a car can’t function without gas, athlete’s cannot perform without nutrients.
Understandably, an athletic lifestyle can include a very overwhelming schedule, no matter which level you’re playing at. It can be difficult to prepare meals and easy to grab the foods that provide a quick source of energy. In order to be the top of your game, replacing nourishment with convenience is not the best habit to be in.

“Nutrition cannot substitute for raw talent, training, mental preparation or equipment, but bad nutrition can destroy performance” – Stone Foundation 2005



healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle enables the mind to be clear and focused

Individual Diet

There are specific dietary requirements for each individual athlete and their own level of competition. If you would like a more personalised nutrition plan based on your athletic level, please contact Eleni Kailou for more information.

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