Nicholas Li eBaTT Table Tennis Coach


Nicholas Li

Joined eBaTT in 2012 as a student and became apart of the coaching team in 2015. Today Nicholas is apart of the eBaTT team but also has developed his own coaching umbrella NLTTA . Nicholas first started his table tennis journey in Hong Kong at his local club and school. His ability to develop was slower than some of his fellow teammates and he stopped playing. When he moved to England, joining Harefield Academy school he joined the table tennis programme run by Eli Baraty. Eli developed his game and expressed unique coaching methods to enable Nicholas. Nicholas’s passion for table tennis grew so much that he decided table tennis was his career chosen pathway.

Role Model:

Nicholas is a very motivated young man, who has wonderful charisma and uses his skills learnt from Eli to develop beginners to advanced player in a short space of time. He enjoys mentoring players and provides his coaching with a pinch of love alongside technical advancements. Nicholas Li, is living proof that you can make a career out of what you enjoy and you don’t always have to be the best in your field to achieve many great things.


  • Good Multi-ball delivery
  • Great communicator
  • Advanced coaching knowledge and delivery
  • Expert 121 coach
  • Team and party coordinator
  • Small camp and club – Lead coach
  • Friendly, passionate and enthusiastic

Player/Coach Stats:

Name: Nicholas Li

Age: 21

Club: eBaTT,

Highest ranking: no.40

Playing hand: Right Handed

Equipment: Timo Boll ZLC

Coaching qualifications and achievements: Level 2 coach 2016 awarded England’s young coach of the year

Best Table Tennis achievement: English Schools National Champion (team event) 2015

Favourite phrase: HAAAiii

Goal/Aim/Vision: Grow Table Tennis and provide more opportunities for players and coaches in Egland