What is said or seen, is only a fraction of what is actually done! Eli Baraty


Denise Lewis present Eli with Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year 2013 with Denise Louise

My Journey


It all began with a film called Forrest Gump, back in the year 1996, I had decided there and then that Table Tennis would play a huge part in my life.
I started the journey at a small table tennis club located in Hendon (north-west London). The club coach and manager was a middle-aged gentleman called Harold Ismaan. He coached me the basic strokes; rules of the game alongside backhand and forehand and introduced me to local league. From the small club that had 4 butterfly tables, I progressed to another club called London Progress, at the time England’s leading table tennis club. There I quickly developed my game by watching many of England’s best players and top coaches (at the time). I decided to continue growing as a player and felt I needed more, this led me to one of Europe’s best tennis de table club in (France).

As a Table Tennis Player, I Dreamed of Becoming World Champion One Day!


When I was a full-time player based in France (Paris) My Club, a negative experience soon shunned my table tennis dream of becoming a (World Champion). After a year in France, I came back to England and changed the course of my life. My then coach (Gideon Ashison) who also coached Darius Knight offered me his coaching position at King’s College Wimbledon. I Coached at Wimbledon for 4 years with plenty of valuable experiences.
That position led into a head coaching position at Barnet Table Tennis Centre which catapulted my coaching career. I flourished at the club for another 4 years with lots of success, including Junior British League titles, lots of my players getting selected for England squad and representation. I was hungry for more success and alongside Barnet TTC, I was asked to coach the England Youth Squad, which included some of Englands Finest players today such as Liam Pitchford, Tin Tin and Sam Walker.



Due to my experiences and success, I headhunted for a lead role of becoming Head coach at The Harefield Table Tennis Academy. A full-time table tennis programme alongside education at a public school that had an onsight boarding facility. More details below
Table Tennis Backhand by Eli Baraty
Young Eli Dreaming of Becoming World Champion

Spreading table tennis knowledge and experience (FreeLance Table Tennis Coach)


After 16 years of coaching alongside many coaching experiences, I decided to become a Free Lance Table Tennis Coach. This allows me to share my knowledge and experience with anyone and everyone. I work; alongside Table Tennis clubs, I host Table Tennis training camps, I am invited as a guest coach all around England and abroad.
Eli Baraty Coaching Table Tennis in Malta
Giving from the Heart – in Malta
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