About my experiences at Barnet TTC, Table Tennis England and Harefield Table Tennis Academy?

Barnet TTC

Aged 22, I was extremely ambitious, similar to my playing career I wanted to be the best. I believed and still do, if I was unable to become a top world class player then I would produce them. I wanted to give players the opportunity of becoming elite and provide the best coaching possible. I worked as hard as could developing many top England cadets and Juniors.

Players included:

  • Tin Tin Ho (Current England no.1 Senior)
  • Ping Ho (Former U13 no.2),
  • Connor Neenan (Former National Champion U10’s),
  • Reece Tan (Former England no.2 Cadet),
  • Guy Ben-Aroya (Former England No.7 Junior),
  • Imran Hussain (Former England no. 12 Junior and top 30 Senior)
  • Zak Zilesnick (AKA Zak Abel, Former England no.1 U12,13,14,15,16,17
  • Eden Fung (Former England no.7 U13’s)
  • Coaching for Table Tennis England


Zak Zilesnick Junior British League
Barnet Table Tennis Club



At 23, I was asked to coach the England youth squad which was based at Lilleshall (National Sports Complex). I was privileged to assist and run the coaching sessions which was held once or twice a month for 2 years.

Players in that period included:

  1. Liam Pitchford, (England no.1 Senior)
  2. Gavin Evans, (European Cadet Champion)
  3. Matt Ware, (England No.7 Senior)
  4. Tin Tin, (England no.1 Senior)
  5. Zak Zilesnick (England No.1 U17)
  6. Sam Walker (England No.3 Senior)
  7. Helshan Weerasinghe (England No.1 U21)
  8. Ross Wilson (Para World Champion)

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