Players and Coaches I have Produced, Developed, Worked & Working With;


Zak Zilesnick: (AKA Zak Abel): I started coaching Zak from Day 1 and he is possibly the most all-around talented/gifted player, I’ve worked with to date! At 9 Zak could barely hold the bat and became no.1 in England when he was 11 years old. This was after he won both U12 and U13 National singles titles. Zak won many national titles and played for England many times and he maintained the no.1 spot for 4 years up until he decided to change careers and become a singer.
Reece Tan: Joined Barnet TTC when he was 11 and went on to become England no.2 cadet beating many top juniors. Aged 16 he decided to stop due to lack of opportunity via table tennis England, Reece played for England once.
Connor Neenan: Joined Barnet TTC alongside his Sister Collete and became National Champion Under 10’s.
Guy Ben-Aroya: After being told, “he would never be any good”, via an eX-England player and coach. Guy, proved that hard work and dedication alongside discipline has no limits regardless of what others say or believe. Guy reached no.5 in his age category before moving his focus onto education and fitness. Today Guy, is back in the game as a coach and associate of eBaTT
Eden Fung: Developed his game into England no.7 U13’s and a top ten cadet before changing his focus towards education.
Ping Ho: Before his sister became a star, Ping was ranked top 3 in the country and representing England in U13’s and Cadet level.
Emran Hussain: Reached top 12 in England as a junior and a top 20 England senior player.
Chris Doran: Represented England at all age categories and highest England ranking no.3 senior. Chris worked with me at Harefield Academy for a year, focusing on becoming a future table tennis coach and rejuvenating his table tennis career. Chris was a junior and senior England international with many top performances nationally and internationally.
Darius Knight: Worked and coach alongside our personal coach Gideon, Darius was no.2 in Europe as a cadet and also reached no.2 on the English senior ranking list.
Filip Szymanski:
Polish senior international, with many world-class performances and titles. Filip has had a wonderful playing career of which I was privileged to work and coach him for over 10 years.
Israel Awolaja: Joined Harefield academy as a top 50 England junior, after a solid year he moved up to no.6 and today is a top 30 England senior.
Tyrone Wells: England no.3 cadet developed as a player via Harefield Table Tennis Academy TT programme.
Mitchell Jones: Developed at Harefield where he became a 4* Junior singles winner and a schools boy England international.
Danny Lewis: Reached a top 12 England ranking, which qualified him into the Masters and helped many players develop their games.
Gaurav Aravind: Within 4 years of playing Gaurav reached no.6 as an England junior and finished in 5th place at the National Junior Cup.
Nicholas Li: Winner of the English School team championships U19’s and today a full-time professional table tennis coach. Nicholas was awarded young coach of the year in 2016.
Adam Reed: There was a time when Adam was ranked 400 as a junior but dreamed of becoming a top player. with genuine hard work and dedication, Adam leapt up the rankings to a top 20 England junior and an English school International.
Sarah Menghistab: A dedicated young lady whos grit and determination saw her reach no.6 England junior and a top 3 National cup finish,
Zahna Hall: One of the most unique players, (left handed, defence on the backhand side and attack on the forehand). Zahna represented England and was a top 3 England Junior. She had beaten every player and had reached 8 consecutive 4* junior finals. Zahna finished 3rd at the junior national championships and was feared by every player she faced.

Worked and working with:


Tom Jarvis: When he was 12, I noticed his special attribute (Grit), I asked him to join my JBL team and since working with Tom from the side I saw him become no.1 for his age and grow to a world-class player.
Sam Maybe: I first met Sam when I was coaching the England youth squad, I felt obliged to help him develop his game and again he joined my JBL team plus attended many of my training camps. Sam was no.2 for his age for many years and continues to play today, even though he has suffered many health issues over the years.
Tin Tin Ho: Tin Tin attended my training sessions at Barnet Table Tennis Centre, her talent was clear to see, hitting more than 100 FH drives aged 7 and today is England’s no.1 senior player.
Ding Yi: Former World no.7 and Veterans over 40’s World Champion, coached at many of my camps in England. I still consider Ding Yi a very good friend while he focuses less on coaching and more on his (table tennis company)
Mario Genovese: Mario and I connected via social media and Ping Pong World Championships which lead to coaching his daughter at Harefield. We grow our friendship and partnership via our love for the sport and today we have the United Table Tennis Coaching Team

Achievements and Services:

Table Tennis Exhibitions:

You can hire me and my team to host a ping-pong party or put on a table tennis exhibition at Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Coaching Seminars and Parties.

Past Events:
  • TT exhibition at ‘Bounce’ for the screening of “About Time” in the presence of Director: Richard Curtis and Star Bill Nighy.
  • Corporate Parties: At Gilgamesh (Camden Town) a Charity event including boy band JLS and Former World Champion Frank Bruno,
  • Demonstration for T3 Ping Pong which was on BBC 1 News
  • World Record attempt at Pongathon (Shoreditch)
  • Table Tennis Birthday parties (Zak’s 14th birthday party: Table Tennis exhibition, fun and games
  • Team Building at the Grove Hotel (Watford): With Sally Gunnel
  • Exhibitions and shows for Schools/Colleges/Universities, including Kings College (Wimbledon), Hendon School, The Harefield Academy, Middlesex University,
  • Party entertainment, includes a TT exhibition that will blow your mind with the trickery and skill
Table Tennis Coaching:
  • Over 19 years of coaching experience, beginners through to international and professional players.
  • International events including Safir’s International (Sweden), English Open, Swiss Open, European Team Cup (Spain), Maccabiah Games, GB Team (Israel, America, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Spain), World Ping Pong Championships (Chris Doran Bronze medal) featured on Sky Sports, World School Games (Sardinia)
  • Player and coach at, Senior British League Premiership Division (as B-Batt National Team Champions) as eBaTT National Junior League Champions
  • Represented B-BaTT at the European Team cup Championships in Spain, as a coach and player
  • Worked with and Coached, Many National champions, categories include: Singles, Doubles and Team Champions
  • Coached over 20 players into the top 10 England ranking list.
  • Harefield Table Tennis Academy, from nothing into an 8x English School’s National Team champions and record-breaking 6th position at the World School Games 2012.

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