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UK Coach Eli Baraty leads hugely successful table tennis camp at HiTT Academy Malta by John Bonello added on 26 April 2017,

Four days of intensive table tennis training have come successfully to an end last Saturday. Eli Baraty, our guest coach from the UK, led the 32 players taking part in HiTT Academy’s Easter camp through a very well balanced training program where all participants had the chance to work on their physical, technical and mental abilities. It was great to see the dedication and passion invested by all involved and by the end of the camp improvement was clearly visible for each player.

Group B

The training camp, which was held at St Alberts College, started on Wednesday and went on till Saturday afternoon, with sessions spread out throughout the day to include three groups of players with different levels of ability. A contingent of British players joined us from Eli’s Academy which is based in Harefield. This gave our students a fantastic opportunity to train with top-level players styles and techniques.

Motivational Talk

On Thursday, Eli gave a motivational talk to all the players attending the camp. The attendance at the talk was also open to all members of the club and has been published on HITT’s YouTube channel.
After returning home, Eli posted some truly gratifying words on his Facebook page: “What an incredible week coaching at the HiTT Academy Malta  Thank you must go to the whole coaching team Katia, Uri and Mario. Working with the players at HiTT was an absolute pleasure but this credit must go to Mario Genovese for me an ambassador for Table Tennis. Amazing coach, lots of knowledge and what an incredible amount of passion charisma plus work ethic he has. I’ve worked with some of the best and Mario is 100% up there with them.”
While thanking him for his professionalism and brilliant coaching, we look forward to having Eli and his players back at HiTT Academy soon.
During the camp, Eli kindly accepted to be interviewed and we will publish the filmed interview on our YouTube channel soon.

A Good Table Tennis Coach Must Possess:
– Technical skills,
– Understander the game and self-enable to adapt as the game evolves
– Feed high-quality multi-ball
– Be able to spar, as a knocking partner
– Spot weaknesses quickly
– Good understanding of ball placement
– Understanding of spin
– Physical and Psychological knowledge
– The Coach needs to be caring and sympathetic but tough and hard in certain situations (adaptable)
– Serve and receive knowledge
– Have a full range of table tennis drills and  exercises
– Knowledge of nutritional and Physical needs of a top athlete
– Be adaptive but more importantly, willing to adapt!
Further Requirements:
– People management skills
– Administrative skills
– Good communication skills: dealing with players, parents, managers, sponsors, clubs and external forces etc.
– Provide good facilities
– Access to good sparring partners and clubs
As a player looking for a coach, you should consider the above and once found you must apply yourself by; working hard, focusing and listening to the coach.

The reason, I coach Table Tennis

When I played, all I wanted to do was beat the player in front of me. Today I am a coach wanting to empower and provide the best opportunities for my player’s wishing to become the best they can be.
I am continuously developed my skill’s, focusing on being a holistic table tennis coach and provide the best for my players. I have huge ambitions and I’m constantly building towards my vision. The goal is to have an institute that provides a table tennis pathway for all ages and levels which caters for everyone.
My vision began when I created and developed The Harefield Table Tennis  Academy. I created a system which catered for players aged 11-18 of which I was hoping to expand by hiring a full-time table tennis coach for the surrounding areas. Any players from the surrounding junior schools would have been guided towards joining Harefield. They would have been given a bespoke education and table tennis training programme. Furthermore, the pathway would have been increased with our (Brunel University) link and our current table tennis club (eBaTT).  The full vision was to grow and expand into a full-time table tennis centre. I believe England can be Europe’s leading table tennis nation with a formulated structure alongside dedicated table tennis centres.

My Vision:

I want to create a table tennis centre, with an infrastructure catering to every player’s needs and this would include: a full-time table tennis coach developing table tennis in the local primary schools and clubs. Feeding into my table tennis Academy (eBaTT). Links with the local university’s and companies developing table tennis as a sport.  A system that nurtures and caters for all players. Whether you’re a hobby to professional, a system that will be a showcase for the future of English table tennis. I wrote an article about my vision click here to read