Eli Baraty - High PerformanceTable Tennis Coach, It all began with a film called Forrest Gump and today I am a free-lance table tennis coach based in and around London. I'm a life mentor, a table tennis coach; private, group coaching, national and international table tennis camps and soon to have a table tennis centre.

eBaTT Business Manager

Taiwo Adedayo

Taiwo Adedayo table tennis player

Taiwo, was a top table tennis player many moons ago and followed his legendary dad's footsteps in the sport. Tai has a master degree and is always looking to share his knowledge to elevate people around him.

Joined eBaTT in 2012 as a student and became apart of the coaching team in 2015. Today Nicholas is apart of the eBaTT team but also has developed his own coaching umbrella NLTTA .

eBaTT - Manager and Coach

Guy Ben-Aroya

Guy Ben-Aroya eBaTT Table Tennis Coach

Joined eBaTT in 2018 as part of the coaching team but was an original eBaTT student 15 years ago. Guy was a former England no.5 beyond the likes of Liam Pitchford and Gavin Evans

Joined eBaTT in 2018 as part of the coaching team alongside his current coaching role at Greenhouse Sports. Ashley is a full-time table tennis coach based in London

Eleni is a former nationally ranked table tennis player that has taken health as her priority and today she is a professional health and nutrition lifestyle coach.