A Great Table Tennis Coach

Filip Szymanski

Filip Symanski – Polish Senior International Table Tennis Player

Eli Baraty is one of the best table tennis coaches that I have ever met. Believe me when I say he is world class because I have experienced playing in many different countries and played in many top leagues across Europe and the world. In my career, I have met many coaches and I have never met someone who has passion, open-minded and willing to learn constantly to better equip his teaching methods. Eli loves to develop every aspect of your game; technical, physical mental, nutritional and every area possible to enhance your game. He thinks 24 hours a day about how he can improve his players. Sometimes I receive messages, videos and ideas at 2am.

Eli has dedicated his life to table tennis and to becoming the best coach and making you the best you can be (an Example is (Zak Abel).

I am grateful that I have met you and I am able to be coached and work with you but sad that I am unable to have you coaching me every day.