An Incredible Coach And A Complete Expert In His Field

Mel Lakhani

Table Tennis Parent

Eli recently started coaching my 9-year-old daughter and after just one session, I realised very quickly that this guy is an incredible coach and a complete expert in his field.

He was able to identify the areas which my daughter needs to work on in no time at all and has provided me with a detailed plan on exactly what we need to focus on in order to improve her technique.

Attention to detail

His attention to detail is remarkable, he is super passionate, very friendly and a complete professional. I felt that the coaching he has provided to date has been pitched at just the right level for a nine-year-old who has only been playing for around 6 months and my daughter is really looking forward to future sessions with Eli. In all sports, there are coaches and then there are coaches and this guy is at the very top end of the spectrum, 5-star. Highly recommended 🙂