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Eli Baraty Vs Gareth Herbert (British League Table Tennis 2012)


Battle of the Table Tennis Serve: Once voted the best server in the world (Gareth Herbert) Former England no.1 and Commonwealth Gold medalist vs Eli Baraty and his serve and return, produced and presented by eBaTT.
Our coaching session with Eli Baraty


Expert in a Year Ben Larcombe and Sam Preisely: Footage from our thirty-minute coaching session with Eli Baraty at The Harefield Academy on 7th April 2014. Sam was working on improving his arm speed for his forehand topspin. I was working on shot selection for short, half-long and long balls.
Table Tennis Grip Change Tutorial Video


Grip Change when switching from Backhand to Forehand or the other way round Here is a small tutorial video which helps players understand the grip and how a grip change can help, be reduced and resolve an inefficient grip.
Table Tennis Short Touch – eBaTT Tutorial Video


Video Tutorial – Table Tennis Short Touch   A short video presented by Eli Baraty, focusing on how to implement a short touch with quality alongside technique and the importance of the shot.  
eBaTT – Topspin Summer Table Tennis Camp


eBaTT – Topspin Summer Table Tennis Camp   England no.1 table tennis camp, hosting players from all over the world and catering for all ages and level of play.  Ten coaches specially selected to cater for everyone’s needs and deliver a unique table tennis experience. Special guests include Brian Pace (USA) and Andrew Baggaley 3x […]
Reverse Backspin Serve – Tutorial

Table Tennis Servetechnique

How to do a table tennis reverse backspin serve   One of the hardest serves to execute and learn, many know this serve via the greats of Timo Boll, Zhang Jike and Fan Zhendon. In this Video, I have broken down the technicalities involved and some tips to help you develop or execute this wonderful […]
Ping Pong Parties & Events

Ping Pong Events

eBaTT Host events at your workplace or in one of our designated location We believe our ping pong nightclub concept was the first of its kind in England (see video below). Since then we opted to host parties and events and as contractors, giving us the flexibility to host events such as Table Tennis/Ping Pong […]
Presentation in Malta (inspirational speech) Achieving your Goals


Table Tennis Inspirational Speech in Malta Table Tennis Club   A small speech and presentation I held in Malta for HiTT Academy table tennis, with a group of young players. The aim was to inspire them and show them a vision can be made into reality  
Jab Kudus Serve

Table Tennis Serve

New double curve serve (Kudus)   The jab Kudus serve is a newly invented serve by Eli Baraty (eBaTT) after a tennis lesson he had back in 2018. The Serve is an added abbreviation of the jab serve, most know the jab serve as an in swinging serve. But the Kudus serve gives you the […]
Beautiful landscapes in timelapse


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Beautiful and rough landscapes


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